Friday, November 30, 2007

i'd rather be safe, by steve james

Wow. I thought two drivers might get into it over a new button
someone was talking about. It said "I'd rather be safe than on time."

But what I really called about was the cost of increased security on
the buses and trains and at transit centers. It seems there's never
enough money. Well, I was talking to a passenger, and he had an idea.
To offset the cost of increased security, he said, why not have
gambling on the buses, trains, and transit centers. It would generate
lots of money, and a portion of it could be used to pay for increased
security; armed guards, police dogs, etc, etc.

On the other hand, drivers could be taught jui jitsu, a safe,
nonlethal tool to use on troublemakers. Better than stun guns which a
determined troublemaker could get away from the driver and use on
the driver and other customers.

I was talking to another driver and he said drivers who don't enforce
the rules make it harder for those who do.

Just trying to sort it all out.

Be safe.

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