Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wouldn't it be a great by becky hall

Wouldn't it be a great way for Tri-Met to educate the masses on transportation etiquette? I have had a wish for this for quite some time, not that I think they will, but I am ever the optimist. They could show things that people should already know like: tired of the bus "always" being late? Here's how you (as the passenger/consumer) can help . . . be at the bus stop 3-5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive, have fare instruments ready, many bus operators don't smoke so put your cigarette out BEFORE the bus stops and opens the door, assist other passengers with large loads (strollers, grocery's, etc.). They could demonstrate proper use of the bike racks including reminding the operator when they will be stepping in front of the bus. Oh, and how about general behavior while riding like keep personal music personal and cell phone conversations private, not to mention general conversations down to a dull roar. Another personal favorite would be the "Don't walk in front of the bus" thing and "Stand behind the yellow line" suggestion.
I know most people will tune out the tv anyway, and I know that these thoughts are a pipe dream, but I keep on hoping. It is too great an opportunity to let it slip away.

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