Thursday, November 15, 2007

extra horde by margu43542

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a little essay expressing my contempt
for the extra hoard, er I mean board, drivers. The essay was strongly
rebuked by several members of the group. I then made a tacit apology
for myself and my ramblings. Of course I do not believe that every
person on the extra board behaves in the ways I described. Some of my
best friends are extra board drivers! Even the guy I was describing I
happen to like and respect very much, as a human being. It takes
great skill and ability to complete a 45 minute scheduled route (89)
in less than 20 minutes! Even when you don't pick up people that feat
is worthy of respect!

Yesterday I got my bus later than ever since driving this route! Of
course it was an extra hoard, woops, sorry, I mean board driver. I
know what's up as soon as he pulls in and the first thing he does is

He sees me standing there and attempts to make some feeble excuses:

"Wow, is this route always this horrible" he says to me.

I answer, "Get out of the seat will ya, I got to get going. What
happened did you get stuck on cornell?"

"I got stuck on Cornell, at Evergreen, and at Bethany" he whines.

I know he's full of sh**.

I get behind the wheel and away we go. His follower is right on time.
I get through all the various problem area's he was whining about
without much difficulty.


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