Saturday, November 17, 2007

you are a fortunate man by elee

djk, you are a fortunate man or woman indeed if your trimet commute amounts to 30 minutes of reading time. Mine has generally been quite unpleasant, trying to keep balance on a swaying bus, breathing the unsavory remains of my neighbors's breakfasts, trying to avoid getting adorned with their coffee drinks, and of course getting my feet trampled with every lurch. Trimet itself is quite candid about this, if you press it: it doesn't consider its mission to require it to provide a seat to every commuter; six square inches of lurching floor space, provided as and when the daily happenchance might allow, satisfies trimet management, they go home thinking they've done their job well.

Then of course there's the sheer capricious unreliability of it all. How many times have I gone to my local bus stop 45 minutes early, thinking I'd get a head start on my work day, and instead wasted my head start either waiting for busses that never came, and/or watching busses blow right by, and arriving at work late for my pains?

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