Monday, November 12, 2007

Bull Pen Improvements? by jeff rose

What do you see when you look around the "bull pen" at your garage? Out of date
notices and other useless information is one thing that I see. There are some
that I would like to see that would assist me in my job- one is a big ol' map of

I got the call to deadhead out to Tigard from the Powell Garage Monday morning
fill a 45 out of Merlo, and my first thought was- If I get on 84 and go through
center of town- I'm screwed- I have an hour to get there and there's no telling
long it will take if I get stuck in the rush hour commute. While it may seem
to some of you, I only had a notion of how I could get around on 205 through the
and up into Tigard. I actually live about half a block off of what I considered
potential deadheading route in that direction, so I parked the bus on 92nd, ran
up to
my office, and looked at MY big map of Portland. In 60 seconds I had figured,
205 to
the end, North on I-5 to 217 and a little jog and BAM! TTC! So easy. Took me
25 minutes! A big map would also serve as a point of constructive discussion,
would give us a way to explain routes to newer operators, and would be.....

I have other ideas but I have to go do something- see ya!


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