Saturday, November 17, 2007


I ride the train regularly. There is nothing more entertaining then
being on the Max train at the same time "Harry" (not real name) is
the fare inspector on board. You know Harry, the long bean pole guy
that wears one of the old style hats. (He is bald under it.) Now
here's a guy who is really into his job. I remember years ago he had
cornered one of those stinking fare evaders who tried to escape.
Harry was having none of that. He chased the guy down off TRIMET
property, tackled him, and held him down until the police got there.
And what did he get for his efforts? BUSTED back down to bus driver!
Well anyway, apparently management saw the error of their ways and
once again put Harry into the Max train.

It's always so much fun watching Harry at work. He really takes
charge of the train when he is on board. Better not mess with him
because he is waiting for that. He loves it when people mess with
him! I love to listen to his smart ass comebacks when fare evaders
start making excuses. I can barely hold back my hysterical laughter
during one of these confrontations. Watching him at work is more
entertaining than an hour of the comedy channel. And Harry always
gets his man/woman.

The other day I watched as Harry got another evader into his sights.
Now some of these Max riders are becoming quite sophisticated in
understanding that the FARE INSPECTORS basically are powerless when
confronted. This particular exchange went like this:

Harry-"Can I see your ticket"
Passenger-blank stare out the window
Harry-"Do you have a ticket or a transfer"
Passenger-Blank stare out the window
Passenger-Stares at Larry with hateful eyes
Harry-"Let me see your ID."
Passenger-"I don't have any."
Harry-"You don't have a piece of paper with your name on it?"
Harry-"Well we will just have to wait for the police to get here then
to make your ID."
Harry gets on his radio and asks for backup.

Meanwhile the train pulls up to a station.
The man gets out and Harry gets out with him. The man starts walking
briskly away. I watch as Harry follows the guy. I can't make out what
he is saying to him but Harry is yelling at the guy as the guy makes
good on his escape. Harry continues to follow, but finally gives up
the ghost. Apparently Harry has learned not to tackle fare evaders.

The train starts moving, I watch as Harry continues yelling at the
guy as the guy fades into the horizon.


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