Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Broken MAX Trains and Portland at Night by aron hockley

Last night I went out to take a few photos, including the one below. I was headed south on the MAX Yellow Line, intending to transfer to the Red/Blue line at the Rose Quarter. We came up to the stop, the train stopped for several seconds, and then continued on across the Steel Bridge. The operator got on the PA and announced he was sorry, but there was a known electrical problem on that piece of equipment and the doors didn’t always open. WTF? Why would TriMet keep a light rail train in service when the effin doors won’t open?!?!

We were able to detrain at Old Town and head back across the river, but I can’t help but wonder why TriMet’s operations folks aren’t accountable for stupidity such as this…

Anyway, here’s a shot looking south across the Union Pacific rail yard at Albina towards the Fremont Bridge and downtown.

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