Sunday, November 11, 2007

Customer Service Complaint Breakdown!! by jeff rose

Just after complaints about equipment- "public-relation skills"???? At 32% of
complaints???? Impossible. We are the happiest, most customer friendly
operators on the
planet, aren't we?? Oh, yeah. Well, check this out and let me know what your
are, and how you think Trimet could reduce the number of complaints it receives.
I have
some ideas!


Customer Service Information Intake and Entry 2006

For calendar year 2006, the Customer Satisfaction work unit fielded over 64,000

60% telephone calls
27% Internet messages
11% overnight phone messages
1% US Mail or Comment Cards
1% in person

The Customer Satisfaction work unit entered over 26,000 Customer Service
(CSI) reports during the same period.

73% complaints
13% commendations
13% service requests
6% comments

Of all CSIs that were complaints:

34% equipment
32% "public-relations skills"
20% service delivery
10% driving safety
2% security
2% fare system, sales, or customer information

Other services

Lost & Found assistance – approximately 170 per month
Radio calls from TriMet employees in the field – approx 30 per month

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