Sunday, November 11, 2007

now more than ever by steve james

It seems, hardly a week goes by that we aren't facing new challenges
at our jobs. Some drivers go to their Bus Operators Guide. I tracked
down a recent hall-of-famer and asked her what on earth a driver was
supposed to do if she had to blow her nose, while rolling down 4th Ave
in heavy traffic.

"Oh!" she exclaimed.

"I wouldn't think of blowing my nose, under those circumstances,
without first checking my BOG."

Then there's the other extreme, "The. . .other...driver" I'm told,
that person, now in hiding, threw his BOG out the window, the second
day on the job. You know. The "Free rides for everyone" guy. Anything
goes on his bus. Happy go lucky. Not a care in the world.

With the promiced support from management, little more than smoke on
the horizon, and the union tied up with this, that, and the other
thing, it is incumbent that we make every effort to exercise come
sense and restraint.

I try to remember what an old driver once told me. "Stay in the middle
of your lane. Too far to the right, and you go in the ditch. Too far
to to the left and you run someone off the road or have an accident."

Remember this, as well, he said, "If some irate sob gives you an elbow
to the chops, don't expect a Purple Heart medal from the district."

Searching for the middle ground.

Be safe. Watch your back. Nobody else will.

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