Sunday, November 11, 2007

RIDING THE RED LINE! by al margul

I just flew in from the east coast, eight hours, horribly
uncomfortable. They sure have made flying awful. Interesting to watch
all these TSA people milling around gabbing with each other while we
stand in line like sheep waiting for them to give us the stamp of
approval. Seems like they have an awful lot of people, why is the
wait so long?

Anyway, I figure I'll take the max , since it's so close to my home.
Get on the max with all my bags, some guy gets up from his seat and
decides to sit directly across from me. He keeps eyeing me? What the
hell is this guy up to I wonder. Maybe I don't want to know!

A stop or two up the road and a young black couple gets on. High
school age. She is hardly wearing anything! Quite pretty, and she
smiles sweetly at me and then starts dancing to her IPod. Another
stop up the line and a crowd of young people get on and join the
couple. The ensuing racket is palpable!

There are a couple of what appears to be Mexican's who work at the
airport (they have the airport badges) who seem to be playing some
sort of game with each other. At each stop one gets off and runs out
of the max to the other side of the train and then gets on. His buddy
seems to get a kick out of it. They do this all the way to downtown.

Here comes a guy trying to sell me some of those tiny candy bars.
Sorry pal, I can't eat any more junk food.

Then a couple of guys who look high on speed get on. One sits nearby
and he can't sit still. His buddy looks like one mean son of a bitch.

A little bit further up the line a crowd of grundge kids gets on, one
girl with her hair spiked so high it was unbelievable! It was 3 feet
off her head!

It was an unbelievable performance, what a show!

I never felt scared or anything, but riding the max definitely takes
a strong constitution!

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