Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the toughest garage, by al margul

For the members who are not TRIMET bus drivers or employees, the Powell Garage is the 'toughest' and 'meanest' of the three Trimet Garages. Walking into the Powell garage is like stepping into a time warp, you just might see RALPH CRAMDEN walking by!

Merlo, which is were Mr. Booker started at Trimet, is the most laidback of the Three Trimet Garages. (Known as the 'country club')

There is no way Mr. Booker will get away with any of the same nonsense he got away with at Merlo with the Powell Drivers. Hopefully he knows better now.

These are people (Powell drivers) who have made a career of driving routes such as the 72 (busiest in the entire system), the 4 (highest crime/violence %), 9,10,20,71.

From my point of view (a Merlo driver) driving any of these routes is the equivalent of a nightmare that never ends! As a matter of fact I would most likely retire rather than have to face a daily routine of those routes!

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