Saturday, November 17, 2007

bus-hausen syndrome by proxy by margu43542

One of the main reasons I love this job so much is because we get
front row viewing of humanity at its finest! You confront every type
of person imaginable. Nice people, mean people, drunks, Jehovah
witness, the list of personality types are endless!

Then you get to confront yourself in the face of all these people.
The key to it is not to allow any of the personality types who desire
your destruction to get under your skin or to get a rise out of you.

Most ridiculous behavior is easily explainable such as "stupid
question syndrome". (is this bus 89? Bus is parked in 89 slot with 89
on front) This is answered simply by realizing that people have a
compulsion to talk, no matter how stupid the talk is. Almost all
stupid questions are a result of this compulsion to talk that human
beings possess.

One behavior that I can't understand is the person standing
underneath a clearly marked bus stop who is not waiting for a bus.
There is not much possibility that the person is unaware that they
are standing at a bus stop, because obviously they are not "idiots"
intellectually. But what are they doing? I pull up to the clearly
marked stop, I open the door, and then they look at me like I am from
the moon? I look back at them like they are from the moon. We stare
at each other for about 30 seconds or so until I get some sort of
response from the person. Finally they shake their head "no" and I
shake back "no" and pull away.

I have come to the conclusion that there is an actual mental
condition called BUSHAUSEN SYNDROME BY PROXY. Bushausen syndrome
affects 3-5% of the population and is characterized by an illogical
hatred for buses and bus drivers. People possessing this condition
will go to any lengths to create anxiety or panic in bus drivers. You
have also seen people affected with this disease trying to make sure
you hit them in your bus while they are driving their cars. They seem
to intentionally set up conditions for you to hit them.

People affected by BUSAUSENS SYNDROME BY PROXY seek out
buses and bus drivers in attempt to satisfy this illogical neurotic
mental illness.

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