Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gresham disturbance by daycode

Hey, I was writing about the lack of security on the
trains over a year ago, remember? There was no comment
then, and I suppose I looked like an alarmist. But I
keep tellin' ya, I've got friends who ride, and they
all tell me it's a freak show on those trains.... Not
during rush hour, but during off-peak hours, even late
morning.... little clots of hooligans and singular
creeps who like to intimidate the other riders who all
sit there meekly hoping the problem will just go away.

Well it won't -- when there isn't a visible authority
figure (like on the bus), the tension and sense of
free license keeps escalating. I don't think the
security should even be uniform. I think it should be
undercover, so the little buggers never know when
someone on the train can haul them right off and cite
them for disturbing the peace, menacing, whatever....


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