Sunday, November 11, 2007


Isn't that a great thing to announce on the front page of the morning newspaper?
apparently there ARE cameras, but they are just in the process of being brought
on line.
Trimet has also issues a press release outlining the steps that they are
planning on taking
to reduce crime along the lightrail with one element glaringly missing. Here
is a list of
things Trimet plans on doing:

• Convene a safety summit for the light rail system, and work with the
jurisdictions served
by MAX. The goal would be to fully coordinate security-related efforts and
ensure that all
jurisdictions maximize our limited resources to get the most benefit.

•Survey all MAX platforms and transit centers to look for opportunities to
lighting, improve sightlines, add surveillance cameras and other physical
changes to
enhance security.

•Increase the number of Wackenhut contracted security on the system.

•Direct all TriMet personnel to be more visible on vehicles and at platforms
performing their regular duties, whether it is cleaning a platform, servicing a
vending machine or just riding the system.

•Remove graffiti on TriMet property within 24 hours.

•Ensure there are consequences, including jail time, for anyone that commits a
crime on

All good ideas. Speaking of "sightlines", I was thinking (not so long ago) that
it would
have been nice if they had designed the breakroom at the Gresham Transit Center
so that
the windows where you were sitting while on break gave you a better view of the
center- particulary where the 4 lays over. Someone could be breaking into my
bus and I
wouldn't know even though I am only about 20 yards away.

If I were to design a new breakroom, I would place the mens and women's
restroom on
the east end of the building along (what street is that? Kelly?) West of the
restrooms, I
would have the walls angle in to a point where the door would be. Along the
angled walls
I would have windows with a coffee shop style table along the entire length with
so that you naturally sit facing the windows. When operators are sitting there
eating their
lunch or whatever- they can chose a spot where they can see their bus and keep
an eye on
it and the station in general.

Usually operators close the blinds anyway so even if they would be able to see
going on they chose not to- I don't think operators like people being able to
see them
inside- (the fishbowl effect!) Maybe a good answer in light of this would be
one-way glass
so that operators have a sense of privacy, yet they can still keep an eye on

Of course, even though this is another brilliant idea, we have what we have and
we aren't
going to rebuild all the breakrooms at transit centers to improve our vision-
but maybe if
there are cameras being installed at the Gresham TC, we could have a minitor
inside the breakroom! Honestly, even if there are cameras, who is Trimet going
to have
sitting there watching? Probably nobody. Operators, however, if they are
given the
means to keep an eye on their own bus, might notice when there is trouble
around the station and MIGHT let somebody know when things are starting to get
out of
hand. Which brings up something for a new post.

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