Thursday, November 15, 2007

trip planner by c parker

I wonder about that trip planner. For example one of my riders wanted to go to Grant High to take an evening cooking class. The trip planner told her to go to NW Everett to catch a 77 to Rose Quarter, catch the Max to Hollywood TC. Catch a 75 north and walk to to Grant High. All she had to do is catch a 10 from downtown direct, with no transferring. More recently I had a mom with her kid who was starting out at some Christian school behind Safeway on Barbur. On the return trip,the trip planner told her catch line 39 to Hillsdale transfer to a 54 to downtown. when obviously bus 12 is more direct without having to transfer. Here's a real wacky one. Take line 51 to Target on Council Crest Dr. if I was a first time rider using the trip planner, I'd never want to ride Trimet again !!

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