Sunday, November 11, 2007

DISTURBANCE by steve james

I don't know what happened in Gresham. I'm just trying to figure out
what we, as bus drivers, ought to be doing.

News reports said an old man was attacked by some kid with a baseball
bat. Young "witness'" claim the old man started the altercation. No
surprise there. The mayor and police chief suggest Max and Gresham
transit center is a magnate for troublemakers. It sorta sounded like
they felt Trimet was somehow to blame; at least in part.

Do we need armed guards and police dogs at the transit center and on
the train? I hope not. Whose responsibility is security? We can help,
but we can't do it all.

On the other hand, maybe it's just the pendulum swinging. Developers
are always looking for areas to renovate and improve. Don't forget,
the Pearl District was once a tough neigborhood, and look at it now.

We can't babysit all the juvenile delinquents in town. We don't have
the money. Where do you stand?

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