Sunday, November 11, 2007

I got a ticket from a jeff rose

Because the printed information on the tickets is so hard to read, I usually
don't bother
reading much more than the date- when I say this ticket and read (NOV)05.... I
was like, "OK"
even though the ticket was looking a little on the haggard side. It was also
stamped several
times with apparently the exact same stamp. I was curious enough about the
ticket that
when the kid got off, I "bought it" from him for a new transfer so that I could
analyze it at the
end of the line. This is what it had stamped on it:

(NOV) [ the parentheses mean "printed small and sideways!"] here, I'll start

(NOV)0506 56PZ3

So this is a ticket bought on the 5th of November...... in '06??!!!! Skipping
to the end, the
ticket was bought in Zone 3, OK- 56P? Is this supposed to be the time? Is it
supposed to be
12:56 PM? I don't get it. I am horribly embarrassed that I don't know how to
read fare
instruments, and also embarrassed for the dozen operators that I showed it to-
none of
which could make heads to tails out of it either. I guess it might be a
misprint or something-
Mr Halstead- could you help me out on this one?!!


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