Saturday, November 17, 2007

basic decency by amargul309

It never fails to shock me and embarrass me when I witness or hear of
incidents like this one in Sherwood.

Just the lack of basic human decency of some of our brother/sister
operators is disgusting.

I see/hear of things so often that it truly is distressing because
these people perpetuating these sorts of incidents are dragging all
of us and the agency as a whole down.

I remember witnessing at Washington Square during a winter storm the
driver refusing to let people on the bus, it was freezing and soaking
wet and there were old people and mothers with babies but the driver
WOULD NOT LET THEM ON. I wanted to get out of my bus and drag that
driver out of the bus and hold his head in a puddle.

I can't tell you how many times I have heard of drivers refusing to
let people on when they are stopped at a red light. WHAT THE F*** is
that all about? Why in the world would any decent human being not
allow someone to board a bus that is sitting stopped at a red light?

During transit mall days I witnessed dozens of incidents of drivers
leaving people behind that couldn't get to the bus in time. It made
me sick to my stomach. I used to call dispatch and make those buses
wait at the next stop for me and the passengers that they left
behind. Alas I finally had to give that up because it was such a
common occurrence I finally accepted it as standard operating
procedure. (I'm sure this is what led to the double stop baloney, of
course those drivers continued to leave people behind.)

And remember the MEJA POOT incident. This poor slob was 25 cents
short on his fare and the a-hole bus driver made a federal case out
of it, the police showed up dragged the poor guy off the bus into
jail, then into the mental hospital, then the guy ended up get shot
dead by the cops which then led to the closing of the mental hospital.



harry said...

Thanks for your inspirational post. You're swimming upstream my friend....hang in there.

"A" said...

hehe, thanks!