Sunday, November 11, 2007

Garbage at stops by jeff rose

One of the things that I'd like to see worked on is the general cleanliness
around the
system. I mean, we have our "great" new look with our newer busses, we have
uniforms, strange looking new sign at bus stops... and then we make our
shovel their way to the bus through drifts of garbage littered around the stops.
OK it's an
exageration. In any case, we have a contractor who is supposedly in charge of
bus stops and removing garbage from the garbage cans- but half the stops are
trashed and lots of garbage cans seem like they're ALWAYS overflowing with
trash. What's
the deal? Any solutions?

One question-

On the 72 at Clatsop Street there is a stop right next to the Stanley Avenue
refinishing place. [I had my clawfoot refinished there a couple of years ago!]
It is maybe
5-10 blocks before Flavel when you're heading north towards Swan Island. If any
of you
are doing the 72 this signup, look at the garbage at the stop. There is a
broken light blue
laundry basket full of garbage a few feet from the bus stop sign. I swear it
has been there
ever since I started working here. I'll leave it there for a few days, so you
can see what I'm
talking about but I'm going to go clean up that stop soon myself. It is
pathetic that some
of our bus stops go for years without even being looked at by anyone. It makes
us look
like a sloppy organization.

Does anyone know if we're still doing the adopt-a-stop program? There used to
be little
plaques on the garbage cans thanking businesses who maintain the stop. I would
that that was from a period when we were maintaing the stops "in house" instead
of using
a contractor. Any info?

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