Thursday, November 15, 2007

extra board by margu43542

It's really frustrating to watch some of these useless extra board
operators taking over a regular operators run. They have no
consideration for time points and appear to have not even one iota of
concern for the welfare of our riding public.

As far as I am concerned these `extra board' operators are not even
real bus drivers. Most of them are motivated by sheer greed, one of
the worst characteristics of humans.

They are not like the rest of us who drive the same routes day in and
day out. We form bonds with our riding public and actually care about
them The `extra board' board operators either get to the end of the
line as fast as they can, thereby leaving countless `regulars'
waiting for a bus that went by 5 minutes ago, or they drag their feet
to get to the end of the line as late as possible thereby allowing
themselves to "time s lip , causing our riding public frustration by
missing connections!

You hear them bragging to each other how much time they
spent "sitting around" and getting they're full eight hours pay. Or
you hear them bragging to each other how much money they made last
week. It's truly disgraceful.

The only thing worse for our company than these extra board drivers
is the management that tolerates this behavior. CUSTOMER SERVICE MY

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