Sunday, November 11, 2007

Garbage at stops by jeff rose

I've basically said, screw the program- I've sort of adopted a couple of stops
near my
house unofficially. I try to clean up the plaza at 92nd and Foster Rd every
before the farmer's market and then I eeke my way around the corner to the
first stop for the 14. They recently moved the stop from down the way where
Assuredy Northwest is building thier new office building. Mostly what I do
there is
sweep up the cigarette butts really quicky from along the curb. Then I go
around the
block and down to the end of the line for the 71 and do a quick sweep around the
bench and along the curb there. Since I started doing it less garbage has been
accumulating- people are less inclined to litter when there isn't a bunch of
around already, apparently. I want to make a sign to ask people to not to
litter and
have a few concepts in mind- one reminds people waiting at the stop that every
has a garbage can on it and if they hold on to their trash for just a few more
they can dispose of it properly. Another tell them that the stop is cleaned up
by a
volunteer. Another yet says "Every time someone litters an NFL star kills a
puppy." [laugh] I know.... sick.

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