Sunday, November 11, 2007

new yellow card by jeff rose

Actually, I think this card is a HUGE step in the right direction.
Unfortunately- if I
understand correctly- this card is really only intended for use in connection
with the
manditory class. I don't think it is replacing the current yellow card. In any
case, if it were
to replace the big yellow card, I think there should be a place at the top for a
name and/or
department. You'd simply turn the card into the station agent and the station
agent would
have the responsibilty of routing it the the department head or individual that
would be
most appropriate place/person to respond to the suggestion or concern. I'd
prefer a card
that I write up on schedules to go to Bill Coffel for instance, not the director
or operations
really. And I want a response.

Another thing that I'd do is publish a monthly report that would include all
(and the name and badge of the person making the suggestion) and the responses
have been made to them.

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