Saturday, November 17, 2007

more bus-shousen by dan christensen


I will admit it I am a Mini-Runner (Not to be confused with Mini-Me)
but even in the last four months of driving I have run into BUSHAUSEN

Imagine it is the first rain in weeks and the roads are very slick,
It's rush hours, Standing water on road, bus is steaming up traffic is
heavy. I have vents and fans blasting window open and I am in full
alert mode cause this is really a high risk time.
A woman pulls the bell a little late so I coast to a stop just a
little passed the official stop without a problem. The back of my bus
is actually in the bus zone I hear from the back. "you missed my stop
driver" I never respond to this and pop open the back doors. I watch
the mirror and no one gets out.
I look at the inside mirror and a woman is pushing her way to the
front of the bus with all the determination of a salmon fighting
upstream. "Didn't you see my stop!" she says. I know no matter what I
say it is not going to make this person happy.
She finally gets to the front door, stops and looks right at me. "You
went right by my stop!" she exclaims. She waits for a response and I
am trying to suppress a smile. She finally realizes I am not going to
respond to her and she step off my bus.
Here is the punch line.
She starts walking forward of the bus. In other words I missed her
stop by a bus length but I went the way she is walking! I don't know
about you but if a bus got me closer to where I was going in the rain
I would be happy. Sure enough she is walking in the direction I was
going as I pull away.

Here is BUSHAUSEN SYNDROME some one who hates bus drivers and needs
to vent without care for condition or situation. There is nothing a
bus driver can do to make a person like this happy. they are unhappy
and you can't change that.

As I pulled away the entire bus broke into laughter so it was not
just me.

Have a great day and happy driving.

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