Thursday, November 15, 2007

why do people get so freaking weird by margu43542

Why is it that people get so freakin wierd when it gets hot outside?

And another sign up winding down. Just when I get to know all the
passengers and they get to know me, I leave. The poor passengers have
to start all over and "break in" a brand new driver.

For a company that sure makes a big deal about customer service,TRIMET
institutional policies are anything but customer service oriented.

Sheeit, when a passenger is done wrong by one of us we get called in or
get a CSI.

When TRIMET, the company, hurts hundreds and hundreds of people with
institutional policies, such as cancelling runs and changing drivers
all the freaking time, nobody notices.

TRIMET, the company, hurts more people in ONE MONTH than all the
drivers who have gotten CSI's since they started the CSI program from
its inception!


harry said...

For the uninitiated....what's a CWI?

harry said...

That should be a CSI....what is it?

"A" said...

its a customer service incident