Saturday, November 24, 2007

cheaters, by jason mchuff

CHEATERS!!! By using volunteers, they can hide the TRUE COST of this
mess. I don't have a problem with them using volunteers when the
situation is unavoidable or worthwhile (e.g. opening a new rail line)
and might even ask to join in, but a better mall design could have
been picked that avoided both temporary and permanent disruptions.

It is clear to me that going backwards, back to the bad ol' days for
over two long years is not the best option or a good idea. Those
temporary shelters will only block wind and rain for 1-2 people at most.

From the 25th Anniv. photo album:
"Before the Transit Mall, it would take two to two-and-a-half hours to
go up Third Avenue during the Christmas season because you had so many
cars to compete with" --Op. Leonard Mummert

"...Fourth Avenue was not pretty; operators had to make moves in
traffic that is the opposite of everything we're taught today..."
--Paratransit Programs Coordinator Pete Taylor

That being said, I tried to make the best of a bad situation and
actually applied for "Field Outreach & Community Relations Rep.",
which, I'm assuming was for "Ride Guides" and would mean that I would
be working on 3rd/4th. I haven't received the official letter saying
I've been turned down, but I'm assuming its so. One reason could be
that I attached a long list of ideas to improve transit, ideas that
would require them to change things.

Overall, unlike Al I have been optimistic regarding the
managers/planners who work in the admin. bldg. This project and the
relocation has really made me question that. In fact, I am planning
to be out on 3rd and 4th on Sunday and Tuesday protesting.

> Join trainers for bus relocation tours of 3rd & 4th avenues
I think I saw today's tour bus going up 17th. It was signed
"INSTRUCTION BUS" and was indeed just after 10.

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