Sunday, November 11, 2007

WTF! Jeff takes a spin on the 15 by jeff rose

When I said WTF! I meant WTF! The 15 low does a little loop-te-loop when it
through downtown during the meet. Word is one operator refers to is as "the
stupid loop"
(emphasis on the "stu")- I took to calling it "the grand arc of infinite
confusion and
befuddlement". I'll explain.

When you arrive downtown coming off of the Morrison Bridge you proceed up
to your layover at 5th where you're sduduled to depart a few minutes after the
rest of the
meet busses leave- but do you stay there? NOOOO!!!! You have to do this loop-
you keep
going up to Broadway and turn left, then you go down to Salmon and turn left
there. You
follow the outbound Belmont rt down to 2nd and Alder having to explain to
everyone that
you're really NOT going over the bridge and to Parkrose, but are actually going
up into
Northwest. They don't believe you and not wanting to miss the Belmont bus, some
them get on anyway so instead of going over the bridge, you merge left, turn
left on
Washington and go back up to 5th and Washington and wait the few minutes that
have left before you're supposed to leave. They make you do the same thing
heading east.
It confuses EVERYONE!!!!

I can imagine that someone at Trimet has some sort of reason for wanting us to
do this,
but it cant be *that* good. Apparently most operators aren't even doing it


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