Sunday, November 11, 2007

transit sleuth? by jeff rose

I read the link and really wonder who this guy is. I actually had a good
transit experience
yesterday as well. I was coming back from the zoo and had some things to do
between the trip on the MAX from the Washington Park area and my trip on the 14
out to
my house. I ended up down on the bus mall at Flanders so I was going to wait
for a bus
that would get me to where I could walk a block down to the 14. The first bus
that came
by was a 4 so I decided- hey, why bother walking the block between 3rd and
second when
I can ride out to 50th and Division and just walk accross the street! [laugh]
I rode down
to 50th, and while I was crossing the street I noticed the 14 about 2 blocks
away. I had to
wait something like 15 seconds for the connection! Could be worse.

This guy doesn't seem to like unions very much. He sounds kinda like a Reagan
Republican. "Down with the middle class!" I bet he's all for such things as
"guest worker"
programs and whatnot. I like that he's out testing public transit, but other
than that, he
kinda sounds like a douche bag.

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