Saturday, December 1, 2007

wrong daycodes by Mark Tiedemann"

Hehehe speaking of wrong daycodes, That reminds me of a time I got
stranded once because the bus I transfered from (#6) the operator gave me
a transfer with the wrong daycode on it. I 30 minutes for my next bus to
come, (Forget which line it was, 96 I think). I show my transfer to the
operator, and he says, That's not valid, it's not the correct daycode, he
then shows me his transfers with the correct daycodes on it. I was
telling him how I just got off the #6 line and was handed this transfer
(the times all match up) but he told me that I can't ride because it's not
a valid transfer and I would have to pay the $2.00 if I wanted to ride his
bus. I had no money left as I spent my last $2.00 20 minutes ago on the
#6 bus, so I was refused a ride, and ended up haing to call someone to
come pick me up downtown and take me to work, (which I ended up being late
because of all of this).

The operator did tell me that it was my fault that I didn't ask the
operator for another transfer. Now my question is, how am I supposed to
know as a customer which daycode is being used that day? If an operator
hands me a transfer I'm going to assume all the information is correct on
it, it shouldn't be my job to ask him, now do you have the right daycode

Anyways, sorry to vent, but that just brougt up some memories.
Now I know I do vent alot, but I have had some great expierences riding
TriMet, (mainly on the west side) and I know there are great people who
work for the company, but sadly it's the small few that kind of ruin it
for everyone else.

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