Sunday, December 9, 2007

listen to me, by jeff rose

Fred's speech to the City Club appears to be a pretty comprehensive plan of
attack- but
it's missing one thing. Howabout improving communication with your troops on

The "Enhanced Safety and Security Plan" suggests taking these steps:

1. Increase police presence and officers

2. Increase fare inspection

3. Improve maintenance of Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)

4. Expand the Code of Conduct

5. Improve station areas

6. Reevaluate Fareless Square

7. Establish partnership with Victory Outreach Community Services, Inc.

I propose adding:

8. Improving communications with operators: operators are the organizations
eyes and
ears out on the street. Although they don't see everything that goes on, they
often times
observe the early behaviors that later result in crimes being committed both on
properties and in the areas surrounding them. Operators should feel that when
observe behavior that is in violation of Trimet code, they can easily reach a
dispatcher and
that the dispatcher will either notify a nearby supervisor, Wackenhut security,
or the police
depending on the situation. In order to improve communications with operators
should have at least one more dispatcher on duty at all times, and should place
emphasis on being able to communicate safety and security issues quickly when
the BDS
and VCHs are redesigned.

This should actually be number 1, if you ask me.


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