Sunday, December 6, 2009


Before video blogging came along I used to write stories about my experiences. Well, video blogging is much easier than writing. There are some Trimet drivers that excel at writing, I am not one of them.Then there are bloggers who write mini novels, Like Adron Hall who publishes the excellent TRANSIT SLEUTH blog, what I would give to have talent like he does.Alas, Trimet management has cracked down on my video blogging around work so now I am actually going to have to think again and write stories based on my experiences.I can't really hold it against them, they tolerated my antics for several years before finally putting their collective foot down.So here I am, back to where I started, writing again.Ah, my nemesis strikes again. This time she has decided to sue me, for $7500! Pretty funny considering she wrote down $600, then changed it to $7500, all clearly visible! This particular person has a long history of messing with various Trimet employees, apparently I am not the first to get sued by her!I have the right to request a jury trial. Do I want a jury trial, will cost both of us at least $5k up front, the loser ends up paying the winners court costs. Let's make this a high rollers game! If your gonna play, play for keeps!At this point in my relationship with her I have a pretty good case for malicious harassment, seeing that we settled this twice now but she keeps coming back.The only question is how much to counterclaim.I have all kinds of documents about her, it should be quite a scene, hopefully the judge will allow the proceedings to be videotaped. It's completely up to the judge to decide that issue.Anyway, stay tuned for more updates on this story. The lawyer of course wants a jury trial, he says its a piece of cake and I will prevail, but he also wants $5k to take the case.I haven't decided which way to go, stay with the small claim or go with the high rollers and send it to a jury!

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Adron said...

Personally, I'd get a jury trial. I'll come testify on your behalf too.

She has maliciously harassed you from what I've seen of it. I know I don't know all the story, but I'd be happy to come and speak on your behalf.

Do the jury trial and get her to really stop messing with you. Small claims is very 50/50, it is very dependent on the judge. The jury though, they'll look at the issues and 99.99995% of the time they lay down with the facts.

I just served jury duty, it kind of renewed my belief in the system to a large degree. Hearing the media talk shit about the court trials gone hay wire is kind of depressing.