Monday, December 14, 2009


The following conversation is based on an actual conversation that occurred between myself and Michael Oliver.

MO: I appreciate you calling me.

Al ; Of course, you’ve seen that site I take it


Mo; The aids thing? The state dept. called me last week, the state dept police, and they asked me if I had put up a site, and I said no, and they told me how to get to it.

I figured out what was going on, it was Jim Stenger, he’s out of the country. He’s been doing stuff to various people. So I looked at it and I thought you know, what was I gonna do. There’s not much I can do. The state dept says that the FBI is on the case.

There is a warrant out for the guys arrest. He has violated some terrorism acts. They are looking for him. What bothered me I was told, this afternoon over at BTC, that you had added a link at your web site!

AL: I took it down once I found out it was a phony. It came in as a Google altert! So Google picked it up as an alert on a “trimet” search for news and blogs with that subject. Do you know anything about Google alerts?

MO: No I do not Al, I drive a train, that’s about all I can do.

AL: (I proceed to tell him how Google alerts work). That’s really low class man, I couldn’t believe it either when I found out.

MO: What he has done to the union is create an alternate union web page for the union.

AL: I saw John Hunts phony site.

MO: Yea, I don’t quite know where this is going.

Al: Well if the FBI is on it you got the right people.

MO: I’ve got nothing to do with that.

AL: It is a form of terrorism, by creating libelous internet postings.

MO: It’s pretty extensive. Other things that he has done are order $300 worth of Pizza and have it sent to Portland streetcar. Sends taxi’s to XXX at 3am in the morning. We are talking a pretty extensive kind of thing. He has basically stayed away from me for the last three years, until this thing.

AL: So you know him then, you actually know this guy.

MO: Yea, I know him well. I saved his job on more than one occasion. I was his union rep.

AL: So why is he coming after you, you tried to help him!

MO: He’s going after everybody. I never had strong words with him, ever! And now he is going after me!

AL: So he is just going after everybody then, just for the heck of it.

MO: He drinks, he gets fucked up, and he does shit. He doesn’t even remember what he does. The guy that was at XXXX, the same thing! And was trying to help him! I wanted you to know because I got people coming up to me saying “I’m really sorry” blah blah

AL: Well Michael, I’ll write up something about this conversation and put it out there so people are aware of what is going on. I mean, that’s terrible, ridiculous.

MO; Yea, I would appreciate that, thanks, I’m sorry.

AL: Well I’m sorrier, I’m glad that you are at least aware of this. When I found out that is was a lie I asked that they make sure you know about it. Apparently she did the right thing. I thought it was real, it looked real!

MO: He took my picture right off the union website!

AL: All right Michael, I’ll see ya around!

MO: Thanks again.

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