Monday, December 7, 2009



The max incident is still a topic of conversation between drivers during layovers.

This is a re-creation of a conversation that occurred between three drivers, we will call them “Driver A, K, S”. The conversation started talking about the max child incident and them moved to max operators in general.

Driver S: “I’ve heard things about that operator, and I know that guy too! I’ll tell ya what he did one time, there were some kids causing trouble in the back, like they always do, he points to the leader of the group and says ‘hey, come here for a sec’, he was going pretty fast down the road, so the kid gets up and starts coming up to talk to him, and he slams the break on, and the kid comes flying up right to the window!

Driver A: “How do you know this?”

Driver S: “Cause he told me himself! This was back in the days that nobody cared much about this stuff, like 15 years ago”

Driver A: “Well back then you could get away with almost everything, you can’t do that now! There’s camera’s in the bus and shit! You’d be fired immediately!

Driver K decides to enter the conversation: “He sounds like the max driver I got really mad at once. I was like 10 feet from the door, it was daylight, he slammed the doors shut on me”

Driver A: “in your face?”

Driver K: “A little boy, 9 or 10 years old, held one of the doors pen for me. The other doors all slammed shut but this little kid kept the door open! So I get on the train and the max driver comes on the pa: “don’t hold the door open for anyone!” I went over to the call box and said to that guy: “Listen, you knew exactly who I was; you saw my uniform that was very rude to do that!

Driver A+S both start laughing hysterically.

Driver A: “I’m sure she did exactly what she says she did knowing driver K!”

Driver K: “boy was I mad, I was really mad!”

Driver S gets going: “You know what I hate about those Max drivers, when the bus comes up to an intersection with the Max, and they’re sitting there right, just before you get to the intersection they’ll call the light! And then they won’t pull out right away! They’ll sit there for two minutes anyway! Basically they coulda let your ass get through that intersection

Driver A: Yea, they’re fucking with us man! But leaving a uniformed Trimet employee behind that they see running for the train, that’s unreal! I wonder if it was that Cooper guy?

Driver S: “Sounds like him.” Did you see who it was “K”?

“K”: “No he just came on the PA, I was in the last car”

“A”: “The xx bus would pull into the stop late at night and the max would be there but the mother fuckers would just pull right out! They can see the folks running for the train, the close the fucking doors and away they go. Unfucking real! It’s fucking pouring rain and cold out and they know there is no other train for at least 20 minutes but they just don’t fucking care!”

“S”: “they have tricks too, they can get the doors closed even faster, they bypass the “doors are closing” announcement until its too late. The doors are already closed and then the announcement says ‘doors are closing’. The train is moving and there goes the announcement ‘the doors are closing’!

All three drivers are laughing hysterically about all this!

“S”: “Some of the kids like to go from door to door or train to train at every stop, they can see them doing it and the next time they do it the doors are closed before they know what happened to them! They can’t get back on the train! I’ll tell ya what I hate though, as a bus driver, when someone is pretending to look for the change when they are actually holding the bus waiting for someone else to show up! Or when the guy is looking for his transfer while his girlfriend is trying to catch up! ‘Just get on the bus, I’m gonna wait for her for crying out loud!’

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