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Sunday, November 29, 2009 2:22 PM
Operator left the end of the line late. Train 9005 was calling from
Hillsboro Central to get in, operator of train 9028 was over three minutes
late leaving Hatfield and was not in his cab when control called him.
Operator of train 9028 stated he was walking to the cab and that he lost
track of time, when asked if there was a problem that control was unqaware

Sunday, November 29, 2009 7:09 PM
Once again this is a scheduling issue as train 9006 is due at Hatfield at
19:04 but can't get in because train 9005 is due
to leave at 19:04...its no wonder our operators can't get any recovery
time...its all eaten up while waiting at Hillsboro

7:23 PM
I am not a schedule writer but I believe I would not a schedule a train into
hatfield until the Eastbound train clears to
make room. If one were to look at hatfield they would find many trains due
in before a train departs Hatfield.....

7:28 PM / TRAIN 9028 / OAK STREET N / Traffic Problems / Operator reports
making a Hard Stop due to a DK that staggered out into the ROW in front of
moving train. Supv 9519 responding from RQ. After the man stepped back up on
the sidewalk, he fell over into the side of the train two or three more
times before he finally moved far enough away for the train to proceed
safely up to Oak St. Called 911 for a welfare check, incident number 1272.
Sent Chain-of-Custody to REM & Claims. 507762 Merged

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
6:46 PM / TRAIN 9004 / MALL/SW 5TH AVE W / Passenger Problem / Train 4
advises dwelling at Pioneer Square WB with the bridgeplates deployed for a
full light cycle, but the woman failed to board the train, so the train
proceeded West.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
7:41 AM / TRAIN 9028 / GATEWAY TC S / Traffic Problems / Car 103A. Used MB
to avoid a bicyclist at 97th and Burnside. Operator reports this same biker
everyday plays chicken with the train. No reported injuries. Sent
Chain-of-Custody 509294 Merged

Thursday, December 3, 2009
3:48 PM / TRAIN 9026 / CLEVELAND AVENUE W / Passenger Problem / passenger
was standing on bridgeplate area where it says do not stand and operator had
have passenger move in order for bridgeplate to retract.

4:25 PM / TRAIN 9032 / PIONEER SQUARE SOUTH E / Traffic Problems / Police
were blocking the ROW at SW Yamhill, east of SW 6th ave making an arrest.

Friday, December 4, 2009 1:58 PM
Child left at Fairplex, 9510 is there now looking for them. 9510 has the
child at Fair Complex. Mother and other children had boarded train 01, Mr.
Hunt's train leaving the three year old child at Fairplex. Mom is boarding
the eastbound train 26 going back to Fairplex. Child reunited with Mom at

8:05 AM / TRAIN 9025 / OLD TOWN/CHINATOWN S / Auto in ROW / Operator
reported Bus # 1784/ Line 85 ran the red light out of Rose Quarter when
train was leaving on a proper preempt. Stokes called Waddington to take care
of it.

Bio-Hazard on the train. operaator was instructed to off load the
train.Train was SB at Main Street Platform.
Operator reported that an Blk. Male was threatening him and refusing to
leave the train. Supervisor was en-route. the male was refusing to leave the
train. The male then left the train and the supervisor arrived that the male
was threatening him. police were called inc#653. male left the area before
police arrived. police were notified were the
male was going.
510182 Merged

Incident 1214 Fire called with a stop for trains at 15 and Morrison for an
apartment fire. Had to turn 9021 back due to Fire trucks in the ROW. Did
start a bus bridge. Were able to cancel bus bridge before we got any buses
on scene.Started at 15:34 ended at 15:48. Had 9043 do a blue line run to

Sunday, December 6, 2009
Train 24 reports a delay attempting to depart Galleria. Someone knocked on
his door stating that an elderly gentleman got his cane stuck in the door of
the Type 1, as the trains signal came up. Operator then stated that he got a
follow-up intercom call stating that the man was stuck in the door, but that
this was not valid information. Requestiing data packs for Claims and will
refer to FORT Mgrs., to see if investigation is warranted, as the operator
may have deboarded the individual away from a platform.

At the request of D. Allison, 9510 will meet with the
operator at Elmo and confirm what took place. 9510 and the operator will
submit a report.

Sunday, December 8, 2009
9067 was blocked at 5th and Couch by a transit police car with none inside.
I called 911 to inquire about this
and they stated they did not have anyone in the area but they would send
someone to check. While 9067 was
speaking with me on the radio some passengers were screaming at him to close
the doors. he had the doors on
release so if someone wanted off or on. He told the passengers he would get
right back to them and just wanted
on record in case they call in.
511804 Merged
511811 Merged

Sunday, December 11, 2009
4:25 PM / TRAIN 9062 / 5TH S / Auto in ROW / Operator called to say there
were many instances where he had to slow or stop early at platforms because
of cars doing illegal right turns from the ROW. I didn't know where or how
to document this, so I selected "Delay" as the Incident type.

Operator selected for the yard at RJ signal 120 as per his paddle, but
forgot to clear his cars first. He selected with
route code 01, began to depart on a proper, but stopped once he realized
what he had done and called Control. His
doors were still on the platform, but he was off his call loop. I had him
exit his cab, clear his cars and then called a
route for him without further incident.
Once in the Control room, he was still berating himself for his error. I
reassured him that he did the right thing by stopping and calling control
once he realized what he was about to do and
I expect him not to make this same error again.
Rail Incident - Training Referral Email sent to group - date/time: 12/11/2009 18:41

at about 19:10 Train 9027 called from the yard limit sign. the operator was
Monica Domingos-2508. She incorrectly
selected for the yard, although she was really suppose to be relieved at
197th EB at 18:52. She said she read her
paddle wrong and thought she pulled into the yard. The relief operator (Carl
Jones-6411) said he knocked on her
window at the 197th platform because he was not sure if this was his train
since the overhead read "out of service".
When she pulled into the yard, I asked her (via the radio) if she had
passengers on her train. She said she did not
because Wackenhut cleared her cars at 197th. When I asked Monica if she saw
Operator Jones on the platform,
knocking on her window. She indicated that she did but she ignored him and
selected into the yard anyway.
When she came into the control room I asked her to show me her paddle. She
did have the correct paddle for run 32 which
showed a route code of 00 from Hatfield/Gov. Upon checking SCADA, she ran
with a route

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Operator reported he had to stop abruptly for a bus that tried to run
through the intersection on a red at 5th/Morrison. Bus is now sitting in the
intersection blocking the ROW. Supv Berlin also saw the bus with a red
Sent Chain-of-Custody to REM & Claims for abrupt stop. AdeS

A TriMet bus is sitting on the tracks at 6th/Montgomery with is flashers on.
Bus Dispatch says they are trying to move it,
Mechanics truck just past 5th & Montgomery @ 1651 on it's way to the
broke-down bus. The truck arrived and bus is clear of
the ROW @ 1657... trains are rolling 13 minutes down.

Thursday, December 17, 2009
When the operator made an announcement asking to have someone push a
passenger intercom button so he could clear the
cab alarm, someone pulled a red knob instead. Train left PDX 10 minutes

Friday, December 18, 2009
Operator reports a fight with 5 female teenagers involved. BOEC called,
their incident #1258. Police on scene at 1525. It
took the police over 10 minutes to arrive. The suspects walked right by them
on the upper platform as they were exiting
their car. I could not raise them on my radio net. 9514 arrived after
police. We rolled the trains after victim told police she did not want to
file a complaint. We had 7 trains holding to facilitate the suspects leaving
the area.

Saturday, December 19, 2009
Reliefs at Gateway continue to plage ontime performance. Southbound Redlines
obtain clearence all the way into Gateway during the eastbound Green line
Operator relief. This rouetinely delays not only the Greenline but the
trains behind it.

[EMS] 6:49 PM / TRAIN 9002 / SUNSET TC W / Other Train . . 4 Three people
trapped in elevator WB at Sunset Trasit Center. Emergency number keeps
hanging up. Cannot communicate with people inside. Unit 9507 responding. 911
called incident number 0912 03166 Kone called conf 3607692. ETA 25 minutes
Paged out. I requested the operator of Train 41 to make contact with the
people inside to let them know that help is on the way. Kone finished at
20:00. Unit 9504 relayed that Kone tech wasn't happy with the fix but that
it would be ok for now. I asked for a phone call to clarify. On the phone
Unit 9504 said that the tech didn't have the tools required to do a great
job, but did an adequate job to where he felt confident that the elevator
was safe to use. I also reminded him about the phone issue. The tech will
relay that to "Ken" (his supervisor?) and that it will be looked at in the
near future.

Train 9064 reported that parents and children were separated along the
banfield at either 42nd,60th, or 82nd. She
reported that parents and children were reunited at 42nd ave. 9531 responded
from GTC to talk to parents who where
going to wait at 42nd ave. Operator of train 64 was somewhat distraught and
not clear as to exactly what transpired.
9522/9523 arrived at 42nd at 19:21. 9522 made contact with parents. All
parties boarded in Hillsboro. 2 children got off
at 42nd EB. Mother did not get off in time with baby. Mother and baby rode
EB to 60th. Got off at 60th and caught a
WB back to 42nd where they were reunited with children. 9522 to submit
report as well.

Parents separated from child. 9070 reports from passengers on the train that
the parents got off at Main St, but the three
year old child did not. Operator waiting with child until Police, unit 1780
or 9531 arrive to relieve. BOEC called by
phone, they have dispatched it out to TPD; incident # 1575. Police on scene
at Division at 2049, TPD 1780, along with
Mother whom they picked up at Main and brought to Division. 9531 on scene.
Reports requested from both train
Operator and 9531. Information paged to Fort Mgrs. Mr. Allison called in for
details. Chain of custody for LRVs
processed. 9531 transported the people involved back to Main St to provide
some extra customer service. Next trains
northbound were quite a while out.

Sunday, December 20, 2009
Operator reports a white male DK wearing a blue hoodie, blue jeans & boots
was drinking a beer on the train. Operator took the beer away from him & he
is just sitting there. Supervisor Unit 9512 is responding. Control called
911 for a transport, incident number 1291. Supv holding train until the
police to arrive, train will back-trade with train 8. The man apparently
boarded new cars when train 1 and 8 swapped consists and has left the area.
Supervisor lost track of him. Train 9001 is 15 min lateleaving from
Cleveland. Foot Supervisors will board Train 1 and check on the individual.

Monday, December 21, 2009
Field Technician reports a semi truck has hung up on a pinch point
attempting to navigate the turn from SB 18th Ave into
the PGE Park/MAC Service driveway. WB tracks blocked. Held train 9020 for
approximately 8 minutes. Train 9044
held at Galleria. Truck cleared ROW and WB train 20 passed before truck
attempted to reposition, blocking both EB and
WB tracks. Trains will call (9044 @ PGE Park WB and 9002 @ Salmon St EB).
Truck has backed out of the driveway
and trains are clear to pass 0720.

9537 called me on the phone and asked me for an acid # because an operator
entered his cab after knocking at 197th
WB. It was a type 4 so the operator couldn't reach around and open it
himself. The operator said Dan Lindner came in
and then went out on his own. He entered the cab again at 122 or 102. When
Operator King asked him to leave the cab,
he did and didn't come back again. King said he wasn't going to even
complain, however he talked to Micheal Oliver
and he said he should write a report on the incident. When I talked to Brad
he seemed fine I also asked him how he was
and he told me he was fine. I told him if he needed anything. Then he called
me at approximately Hawthorne Farms
and say he needed to be relieved. 9531 heard the encounter and she said she
talked to him at the end of the line at
Hatfield and Brad was just fine.

Sunday, December 27, 2009
Train Operator Bolivar called in from Gov Center looking for his train.
Turns out Operator Mitchell had taken his cars
by mistake. She was already at Hawthorn Farm eastbound, she was embarrassed
and apologetic, promised not to do that
again. I doubt further counseling is required, but the training referral is
for informational purposes.
Rail Incident - Training Referral Email sent to
group - date/time: 12/27/2009 17:08

Monday, December 28, 2009
Report of hard stop. Operator out to check on passengers. One passenger not
requesting medical; Two passengers requesting medical. Medical arrived at
0942. Operator reports he was coming into 162nd EB platform and dropped
something. He reached down to get item, and was overshooting platform.
Applied EB to stop train. Train stopped about three feet off platform.
Passengers called on intercom to report injuries. Supervisor on scene to
collect information. Data pack request filed with shop. One passenger
transported to Adventist. One refusing transport. Supervisor reports 4
passengers for medical to see. Train removed from service at 162nd and
returned to yard. Manual blocked train 7 around incident train. Ran trains
41, 62 via the center track at Gateway TC. Trains rolling at 1013.

12:59 PM / TRAIN 9089 / UNION STN/5TH & GLISAN S / Traffic Problems / Late
due to a bicyclist running a red light.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Yellow / Green line trains will run between Expo and CLackamas due to the
cluster downtown

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Operator was EB on Morrison when he reported contact with a auto at 4th and
Morrison. 911 was called Inc # 1183.
Operator then lowered the pantograph. Supervisors were sent. All trains in
the area were stopped. Operator then
was instructed to key out and check for injuries. Medical arrived at 1605.
Police arrived at 1610. Supervisors 9510,
9522 & 9526 arrived at 1611. No reports of injury. Supervisors took pictures
interviewed driver of auto and
passengers. Supervisor reported that the coupler head had made contact with
the auto. After investigation was
completed supervisor did a complete ground inspection and the train was
cleared to raise the pantograph and proceed
when safe to do so into the platform. Supervisor 9522 stood on the corner
and insured all traffic lights were working
as intended. (they were). All clear at 1629
Driver of auto cited for running a red light.
Check list was completed.
Chain of Custody and Data Packs pulled and sent to claims
Event recorde

Operator reported that she had a near miss with a postal car. The car came
from behind a WB train at Skidmore
straight at her whith the car lights off. She got the train stopped. no
contact was made. Operator stated that she was
going between 8 - 10 MPH and when she saw the car she was going even slower
and was able to get the train
stopped. Operator was able to get the train pulled into the platform.
Supervisors were sent to meet the operator.
The supervisor took over the train at Skidmore and offloaded the train at
Rose Quarter and taken to double Tree
Siding. Supervisor reported that the operator could not continue her run.
Supervisor 9522 was sent to take the
operator back to Elmo and pick up a new operator.
Operator will do a report and a Tri-Star 801 form.

The Operator of train 9066 is now at 12 hours of service and needs to come
back to the yard. I called the station agent to see if there were any report
operators to take over the train for him, he said that there were not any
operators left. We will loose service on train 9066 for the remainder of the

Friday, January 1, 2010
Operator out of cab at 197th west for a passenger calling on intercom asking
for security. A black male, 25 yrs,
wearing black shirt exposed himself to a female passenger. Called 911,
incident number 747. Police arrived at
0854. Train is rolling at 0902.
Sent Chain-of-Custody to REM & TPD.

Operator requesting help with someone she can't confirm is breathing because
of his slumped over body
posture and the amount of clothing he is wearing. WACA called; their
incident # 53. After I was off the phone,
she now reports that the fellow smells of alcohol and has stirred. Medical
arrives at 1155. 9508 on scene at
1157. 9508 moved the train up to west portal out of service as the Operator
had to use the facilities and then
when she returned the police wanted to interview her. This event delayed
additional trains, 9042 and 9003
westbound and 9007 eastbound. 9046 was returned to Service at 1234 eastbound
from West Portal pocket,
short lined at Double Tree and back on time westbound.
Police ended up taking the fellow into custody; he was not transported by

Saturday, January 2, 2010
We managed to allow a cute cuddly dog stack trains up east and west bound
along the Banfield.

Sounds of an argument brewing to a fight on the trailing car via the PIS. No
visual. Police called; their
incident # 1300. Police on scene at 1933. Police on scene, subject off the
train, but police blocking the ROW by
1938. Police have taken the fellow in custody. ROW clear by 1941.
Six minutes after the first incident on this consist, evasive action 525707,
we had an argument/fight occur on this train, incident 525708. We believe in
the trailing car, 301. Officer Jason Maurry, #43487, called later by phone
requesting the data packs be pulled. So the data packs for 525707 will also
hold the data for incident 525708. Refer to 525707 for chain of custody
removal defect.

Monday, January 4, 2010
Commercial loss of Power. City crews are working at 162 & Halsey and the
power loss is affecting traffic signals and pre-empts at 162 to 148th both
directions. All trains are having to stop sound warning and proceed when
safe. 9529 & 9527 are at the intersection with flares and are flagging
traffic and trains. Multnomah Co arrived at 1625 and reset the signals and
Pre-empts. All working as intended at 1630.

Train 9020: Operator 17 minutes down westbound at BTC, delaying trains 40,
08 and 48. 9533 and 9534 will off load at Merlo
Rd. Bringing her into the yard. Filled by new operator and cars from Elmo on
time westbound. When asked why she was so
late, she explained that she had to SOP 162nd and 148th due to a power
outage and then had to wait to get through the Gateway interlocking. The
following train 08 picked up her passengers a few minutes later.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Operator had called Control by radio from Hollywood requesting for a
supervisor to meet her at Gateway and have the supervisor operate the train
from Gateway to Cleveland and back, due to the fact that she was running
fifteen minutes (or so) late due to an earlier mechanical issue. Supervisor
at Gateway not available for this purpose. Yard train 11 used to fill on
time from Cleveland for train 26, with the intent that train 26 would
operate WB on train 11s time. Supervisor at Cleveland requested same from
operator of train 26 who stated that she would leave when she was good and
ready. Supervisor reiterated the request that she take only the time that
she needed to and return WB at 0750, and that that didn't necessarily
include taking a cigarette break. Operator responded that her right to take
a cigarette brake was guaranteed by the ADA and then broke communications
with the Supervisor. Verbal notification to Dan Stokes and through Dan
Stokes to Don Allison. No further action

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Train 9014 is holding at PGE due to an auto accident at 14th and Yamhill.
Police will not allow 9513 to drive or push the vehicles off the tracks.
They are now just waiting for a tow. Supervisors stated that he asked the
officer if he could just move the vehicles off the tracks and the officer
said NO we will just wait for the Tow truck. Train 9014 is now 20 minutes
late. Train hs now missed meet in CBD

Friday, January 8, 2010
Operator called reporting a suspicious white male had boarded the train at
Mount Hood station SB, short sandy blond hair, wearing a purple shirt under
a black jacket. He is carrying a briefcase or other satchel exhibiting wires
or something similar from it. He was also utilizing a cigarette lighter on
board the train. The operator reports that he has a suspicious demeanor and
appearance. When the operator opened the cab door to admonish him from using
the lighter, he appeared very nervous. Supervisor 9514 arrived on scene
1514. 9-1-1 incident #1194 9-1-1 arrived at an unknown time
approximately 1517 hours they were searching the train car by car. Unit 9514
is in contact with police at this time and
discussing options. At 1522 hours, unit 9514 stated that train 40 was clear
to roll. Police are still with subject; he may be allowed to board following
train. Train 50 abandoned Gateway to PDX to fill WB for train 40. Train 40
released to roll
and is in 48s timeslot; 48 will le

Unit 1774 called in requesting EB/WB trains bypass WCTC platform due to a
HOT item. 9529 reported the item was by
the north side of the new PCC building, out of sight.
Had WB trains make good PA announcements to let passengers know a shuttle
bus would be transporting those needing to go to Willow Creek. EB trains
stopped at the platform, but did not open their doors. 9529 opened a door
with a crew key to board passengers. EB shuttle bus from Quatama to Willow
Creek for passengers needing that stop.
Red Line trains offloaded at Elmo WB and brought into the yard oos.
9529 said EDU was coming from downtown to inspect HOT item (23:10).
9529 was given permission to run trains normal at Willow Creek WB/EB

Sunday, January 10, 2010
Train 46 received report of a passenger on the lead car that is passed out.
911 inc. # 1377.
Medical arrived at 20:20. 9515 enroute from 102 & Glisan.
Individual is reported to be a Hisp male, laying on the floor of the train.
Individual is breathing, but unresponsive and wearing a bathrobe and black
Individual off the train and train cleared to roll at 20:25.
Transported by AMR # 331 to Emanuel Hospital. Emergency responders had
already departed Parkrose by the time Supervisor
arrived on-scene.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
We have signal problems on Steel Bridge again, delaying all trains. Central
Control was forced to by-pass trains from signals 14, M26, & M16. Eastbound
trains could get a clear on signal 10 when a WB train was moving from signal
14. Pages sent, delay notice put pout on transit tracker, and a Bus Bridge
was set up with Mall trains looping downtown. Train Operations finally back
to normal service at 12:45.
Train 9025 called and said that she had a passenger emergency call saying
that there was a man that was having a seizure
in her trailing car. I had the operator exit her cab and check on the man.
In the mean time I called 911, Incident # 1552,
and they are sending Medical. I called Supervisor 9513 and he arrived at

Thursday, January 14, 2010
9513 called and said that Medical arrived at 19:00. 9522 called at 19:06 and
said that they were clear of the train and train 9025 was clear to proceed.
9522 called and said that AMR unit # 609 was going to transport the man to
Emanuel Hospital. 9522 called and said that we were clear of Medical and the
incident at 19:17.

Friday, January 15, 2010
Op called in stating that a woman said she was assaulted by a man on the
train. The woman requested Police.
Called 9525 to respond; had 9007 hold for Police.
Both man and woman walked away from the platform and into the park by Lloyd
Center. I then had the train roll on a proper.
Chain-of-custody in process; 911 IN# 921.

Operator reports a white male DK urinated on side of train then boarded
trailing car # 304 at the first door at coupled end. Called 91, incident
number 676. BTC Police arrived at 13:43; cleared train to roll @ 13:47.

Train 9003 called and reported that when he had the preempt at 10 and
Yamhill a car turned in front of him and made contact with auto. Operator
had to use Maximum Brake and used high horn.
Operator was instructed to pan down.
Police arrived on the scene @ 2009 police were called by non trimet employee
but I did receive incident # 1630
9513 arrived 2011
There were no injuries and both auto and train are moveable.
There was some damage to the active end coupler of car 211A
Driver of the auto said that she had a green light.
Data packs and event recorder will be pulled. Chain of custodies have been
NO FTA notification does not meet critria. Supervisor and operator will
submit reports.
There were no injuries on the train, supervisor stated that the passengers
on the train said it wasnt a hard stop.
After speaking with the operator when he came into the yard he stated that
the auto was running paralle with the train and turned left onto 10th ave
from Yamhill
Driver of th

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Operator of Train 1 received an emergency intercom call stating that a woman
on the trailing car had her cell phone stolen by a man that ran off the
train at Lloyd EB. 911 inc # 1087. Train 1 holding at Hollywood and 9519
enroute. Train 1 rolling at 16:20.
9519 arrived at 16:21. Victim, her husband, and good samaritan/translater
standing by at Hollywood awaiting police arrival. Police arrived at 16:31.
Individual matching suspect description boarded the trailing car of Train 44
and train was held at Hollywood for police arrival. Train 44 cleared to
proceed at 16:35.
Suspect described as a Hisp male, early 20's, wearing a blue flannel shirt
and carrying a black backpack.
Victim named Esperanza Cortez, Hisp female, 5 ft., 39 years old, wearing a
burgandy sweater and blue coat.
TPD Atkeson/ # 44965 requesting data pack for trailing car 310 from incident
Train 1.

Police responding to Train 4 EB at RQ for report of 3 DK males on the
trailing car creating a disturbance. 911 inc # 1194. Individuals described
as 3 Hisp Individuals removed from the trailing car and Train 4 cleared to
Individuals taken into police custody.

9524 responding. Police on the way to 82nd Ave max for a disturbance. MH in
a stripped hoody making threats.
Police arrive. No crime. Suspect has left.

9532 called east air trying to stop 9004 from departing from 82nd AVE. We
got the train holding for medical for a juvenile that is unresponsive at
60th w/b. Medical on the way, their incident # 643. Medical on scene at
1202. Medical has subject off the train at 1206. We are all clear at 1219.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Train was missing the side crank tool. The Operator had to retrieve one so
was late leaving the Yard.

The Operator of 9071 called WB into GTC to say he had some commotion on his
lead car and was going to get out and
check when he reached the platform. I called 9509 and he stated he was
already there. 9509 called and requested 911 with
priority for a fight between 2 passengers.. I called 911 and they arrived at
06:10. 9071 was delayed for 5 minutes.
Data packs have been requested by 911.
Chain of custody has been sent to REM.

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